Historical St. Bartholomew’s Fair in Vilnius


The Historical St. Bartholomew’s Fair is an educational-reconstructional fair held in Vilnius Town Hall Square at the end of August representing the craft guild traditions, arts, lifestyle and entertainment of the medieval and Renaissance periods of The Grand Duchy of Lithuania.
The fair gives visitors a great opportunity to communicate with craftsmen directly and to see urban crafts, historical reconstructions (tiles from the Grand Duke Palace, jewelry of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania), fashion, clothes, music, and dances of the fifteenth to seventeenth centuries. The main focus of this Fair is craft education in Vilnius Town Hall Square, so visitors have a unique opportunity to get directly in touch with urban crafters of traditions stretching back 400 years: goldsmiths, jewelers, tanners, leather goods manufacturers, blacksmiths, tailors, brewers, wood processors, ceramists, glaziers, bookbinders, etc.
Join our tours in late summer and get a chance to experience St. Bartholomew’s Fair yourself!
📷 St. Bartholomew’s Fair organisers